Since their first presentations on the market in the 90’s, the Comyp Shoes collections have increasingly provoked the interest of the consumers.
The Italian design, the European quality and the accessible prices are the advantages that attract costumers and that remain in the time a visiting card of the trade mark. Due to these advantages as well as to the efforts made in the field of marketing and logistics, the markets are increasing and at present Comyp Shoes and Fly Way are sold in Italy as well as in France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Spain, Bulgaria and other European countries.
The policy of the company is directed to meeting the interests of the mass consumer in terms of modern design, reliability, comfort of the models and accessible prices. This is achieved by extensive research of European fashion trends, models development and careful selection of natural materials with proved Italian quality.
Moreover production units to which Comyp Shoes entrust manufacture of its collections have long standing traditions in shoe industry, modern equipment and checked hygienic and healthy conditions of work, which is an assurance that the prestige and the image of the trade mark will be kept.